Reflection for January 2016 on the theme Be Courageous



Do you know:

Which country wears fushia polo shirts?  Which  country has over 800 languages? Which country has a section for ladies 55 years and over?  In which country do members regularly attends the Queen’s Birthday Parade?  Which country has more than 20,000 members?

……………..  Facts like these will be found in our SPOTLIGHT leaflets which you can download below.  We hope they will enable you to begin to know your GB family.

GBI is a huge family.  We have so much in common around the world and yet each of us is a little bit different.  In our Spotlight Fact Sheets we are taking a look at the way GB works in different countries around the world.  We have already published Spotlights on Hong Kong and The British Virgin Islands and here is the next one.  We’d love to hear from other countries that would like to be involved.  So, if you would like to produce a fact sheet to tell others about GB in your part of the world, ask your GB national office to talk to your Fellowship IVP and she will let you know how to go about it.  Happy reading more to follow…. very soon!


Download the SPOTLIGHT resources here: