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Watch and Wait

Girls' Brigade New Zealand

By Girls' Brigade New Zealand

Girls’ Brigade New Zealand empowers girls with skills, Christian qualities and values, to succeed in tomorrow’s world.

You will need

Paper plates, glue, salt, paintbrush, watercolour paints and water


Squeeze glue onto paper plate making an intersecting pattern. Immediately pour salt over the glue lines, making sure the glue is completely covered with salt. Saturate the paintbrush with water, dip it into paint and dab paint onto one of the lines, holding the brush in that one spot. The paint colour will move along the lines as the salt absorbs the water in the paint. After the colour stops spreading rinse off the brush and choose another colour and start that colour at a different spot of glue. The two paints will mix at the point they meet. All this time encourage the children to keep watching and to anticipate what will happen. Ask them what they expected to happen.


Sometimes when things take a long time to happen, we get tired and bored of waiting and watching for it. When we pray to God we need to wait and watch to see Him answer our prayers. Just as we watched to see what would happen with the paint, it’s up to us to keep watching to find out how God will answer our prayers. We know God will always keep His promise to answer us, we just don’t always know when or how.

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