In GB we believe that God is a mission God and calls us to be his mission people….. to see lives transformed and enriched as together we discover life to the full.

simplymission is intended as a place of ideas, thoughts, stories and links from girls and women around the world who are discovering what it means to be seeking, serving and following Jesus Christ. We hope that it will inspire and help you to simply join in with God’s mission – lives transformed!

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Latest SimplyMission posts

2015 Theme: Be Expectant!

Let’s Be Expectant of all that God is saying and doing in the world: we have lots to anticipate! What is it that you imagine God can do in GB in your part of the world? What do you want to ask of Him confident that He will respond?

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Ruth Morris

Ruth Morris

I am Ruth Morris Baba, a native of Mada of Akwanga in Nasarawa, Nigeria. I am now GB Nigeria’s National Youth Secretary. A SimplyMission story.

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Sally Claydon tells us why, after more than 30 years in the organisation, she is still involved in Girls’ Brigade.

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Tnay Yong Hua

The International Vice-President for Asia tells us her story as a follower of Jesus and how she ended up serving Girls’ Brigade in Asia.

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