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We are always looking for new ideas and resources to help us be relevant and fresh as we share faith amongst girls, and as we work as local teams . The resources area is intended to be an online library where we pool our experience and ideas.

We’ve started it off with a series of devotional style reflections on the words of the GB aim. They may be useful for team times, as a pause for thought.  The more ideas we pool into this area, the more we will help one another to work toward our vision to see ‘Girls’ lives transformed:God”s world enriched’!

Share a simplymission resource or idea that will help leaders around the world to remain fresh and relevant in their approach

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The GB Aim: Becoming

Paint a picture in your mind. Set out on a very hot day to wander across the hillside. The sky is blue, the grass parched, you can see no shade AND there is no water around

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The GB Aim: Growing


A doubtful and unwilling ski student kept hearing these instructions being issued, and when faced with a downward view of snow and steep hill, she chose of course … to sit back. The result? A hard landing, and very wet clothes!

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The GB Aim: Worshipping


Jesus’ earthly life was marked by a deep relationship of love and respect with God the Father. Reading through the Gospels and beyond reveals how Jesus’ life, and the lives of his disciples, centred around the love and worship of God.

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The GB Aim: Demonstrating

Sheep on a ledge

Asking God’s Spirit to open our understanding of the depth of Jesus’ love for the world … us, our community and our environment … will deepen our desire to respond.

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The GB Aim: Life to the Full

Girls jumping into the air

The disciples lives continued – yet were changed! New relationships, fresh perspective and challenge, incredible power and an overwhelming experience of being specifically loved and chosen by Jesus became their testimony.

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Expect greater things

I wonder if William Carey knew that his faith, his expectancy of God, his discipleship would lead to a world-wide movement where women and men today are involved in life-giving mission?

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An open door

At ICGB 2014 we were challenged to see that one third of the world had never heard the name of Jesus, and another third may have heard but have not engaged with Him.

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At ICGB we were challenged to ‘keep the main thing’ of Girls’ Brigade the ‘main thing’. We recognised that there are often other issues on our agendas and in our GB diaries that crowd in and become more important or distract our time, energy and prayers away from our main purpose.

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Every time we come to worship we should have that same sense of EXPECTANCY and anticipation that God will be there and something good will happen.

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