At ICGB we were challenged to ‘keep the main thing’ of Girls’ Brigade the ‘main thing’. We recognised that there are often other issues on our agendas and in our GB diaries that crowd in and become more important or distract our time, energy and prayers away from our main purpose.


As a group what do you consider to be the main purpose of GB?

Do you expect that everything about how GB does things will always remain the same or are you open to, and expectant of, change in order to remain focused on your local purpose to see girls lives transformed and God’s world enriched through GB?

Possible discussion prompts:

  • Make a list together of the ‘GB matters’ that cause your leadership group to focus on ‘how we do things’ rather than on whether you are achieving your God given purpose effectively. In some areas this may include issues such as ‘uniform’, correct achievement of badges, retaining traditions of GB that may now seem out-dated to a new generation of girls.

  • Talk openly about the challenges you face as individuals and leadership teams in making GB’s purpose more of a priority than simply retaining your ‘methods and ways’

  • Consider the issues that take up your agenda time at meetings. Reflect together about whether they are matters that are focused on GB’s actual mission purpose in your area.

  • Talk together about how to have encourage each other in an attitude of expectancy about new ways developing in GB as you work amongst changing generations of girls.

An open door

At ICGB 2014 we were challenged to see that 1/3 of the world had never heard the name of Jesus and another 1/3 may have heard but have not engaged with Him. 1 Corinthians 16v.9 says ‘I have laid before you an open door’.


As a national board, local company or regional group of leaders, wWhat doors can you see that you confidently EXPECT God to open before you in the year ahead?

Possible discussion prompts:

Consider the different people groups in your community or specific age groups where you could engage more effectively.
An open door leads you to new adventures and new vistas what new things or ways of working is God leading you to?