We need your story!

Published on December 19, 2017

Do you have a story to tell?  We all have a story that has touched our lives.  Well now here is your chance to have your story in print.  In 2018 we are publishing a book of stories of how Girls’ Brigade has filled your life to over flowing, or what Christ has done making your life fruitful.  We need 125 stories and so far, I only have a handful from the Pacific Fellowship.  There is room for your story so please put it down in an email and send it to me.

If you have very good quality photos that you can scan, to put with your story, send them also.  The book size will be printed in a A5 size.  This book will be launched at ICGB in Zambia in July 2018.

Looking forward to hearing from you all, sharing your experiences with your wider family, in Brigade.

Renelle Neale IVP Pacific Fellowship.

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