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Greeting from International Vice President for Asia

Greetings and Blessings from the Asia Fellowship Committee!

The Asia Fellowship committee sees its role as being the FEET (Fellowship, Equipping, Encouragement & Teaming together) of GB International in this part of the world, going to all of Asia on behalf of Girls’ Brigade Worldwide. We go to bring the unchanging message through changing methods to build lives and communities for the extension God’s Kingdom amongst girls

  • F – Fellowship – where we build community as a GB family
  • E – Encouragement – where we encourage one another as we share our celebration  and concerns
  • E – Equipping –where we come together to be trained as trainers that we may serve better.
  • T – Teaming Together – to extend and establish the GB mission and ministry in Asia. It is awesome to see how God is mobilising the GB family to reach out together.

From the day we are born into this world, we all begin running a race. The race of Life is not a sprint but a marathon. Running a marathon requires endurance.   We must train well and develop physical strength as well as strength of character, so that we will be fit to endure the challenges for the long journey.  For life’s race, we need to equip ourselves with the best so that we will be able to complete the RACE.

Relationships – We need to choose our friends wisely.  It is helpful to have friends who call out the best from us and encourage us when we are down.  Cultivating strong friendships will help us keep our confidence and self-esteem as we grow to understand ourselves and our giftings.  Humility helps us to keep a realistic balance and view of ourselves. Glean the best from those around you who are experienced and wise. Accept their counsel and advice.



Attitude –    We must be constantly searching for knowledge, growing and developing ourselves to be life – long learners.   We need to set our goals as they help us chart the milestones in our Life.  As we recognise our giftings, use and share them in our areas of influence, we will find the journey purposeful.  We need to be accepting of others and allow them to grow and develop too.   We will gain more strength and resilience along life’s journey so we will need to constantly review and be aware of the changing landscape around us.  A good, positive attitude in life will keep us from unnecessary worry and fear.  We need to be aware of our challenges and find ways of overcoming them.  Be open to receiving help from others.

Commitment and Courage to Complete – In the marathon of life, it is comforting to know that God has given each one of us a different race.  We do not need to compete and strive with anyone else. Engaging in unhealthy competitions cause much stress and unhappiness.  God wants each one of us to align to His plan and purposes for us and complete the race set before us with commitment.  There are others who will journey with us but our goal should be to complete our race and not compete. There are different seasons in life where we will move at a different pace. Be accepting of these times and circumstances.  We must continue to move on courageously, confidently and purposefully amidst trials and complete the race set before us. 

Excellence – In all our endeavours, we must be excellent in everything good and put away things that cause us to stumble and fall.  Keep focus and keep faith.

“Therefore we also, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, … let us run with endurance the race that is set before us…” (Hebrews 12:1)

May God enable each one of us to complete our RACE as we trust Him to guide us.


Tay Poh Imm (International Vice-President, Asia)


GB continues to have a high presence as extra curricular work attached to many of the schools

New GB methods include community development projects that use the educational segment of the GB fourfold programme to teach and train girls with life skills

Leadership Training and the nurturing of leaders has a high profile. Leaders are encouraged to participate in Christian Leadership Training Programmes such as lead Like Jesus or John Maxwell’s Million Dollar Leader Programme.

The One Chance Project launched by GB Asia in 2006 continues to help develop work in Cambodia and the International family are invited to help support this work financially and in their friendship

The Asia committee meets twice a year to manage the business and mission of GB Asia, meetings are hosted by different member countries to allow others to see the work of different countries and encourage national leaders in their ministry.

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