The Girls' Brigade International

Girls' lives transformed, God's world enriched


Girls' lives enriched, God's world transformed

Leadership Structure

Thousands of women.
Dozens of countries.
Five international fellowships.
One Girls’ Brigade.

Photo of a large group of GB Leaders

We’re a 130-year-old mission that spans countries and cultures. Collaboration, local leadership and cultural diversity is in our DNA.

To connect and support so many girls and volunteers, we need an organised leadership structure.

Photo of group of volunteers and staff
Volunteers and Paid Staff

If The Girls’ Brigade International were a tree, our volunteers would be the roots in the ground. Without them, the international work of The Girls’ Brigade could not take place and the organisation could not grow. We’d also be unable to build lasting friendships and provide safe communities for the girls we serve.

Just like when the movement started in 1893, most of the women who work with The Girls’ Brigade are volunteers from local churches. Like our founder, Margaret Lyttle, they’re women with a vision to empower girls, help them to explore their unique gifts and identities, and live life to the full as they become everything that God created them to be.

In different parts of the world, we also employ staff members to lead our work in individual countries.

Local Councils

In every country where The Girls’ Brigade works, there’s a local council made up of women from all walks of life. Their job is to take the lead, to use their local knowledge, and to focus on God as they help The Girls’ Brigade to move ‘onwards and upwards’ in their country.

Photo of the Local Council group
International Vice Presidents, 2023
International Vice Presidents
International Conference of The Girls’ Brigade

Every four years, teams representing The Girls’ Brigade gather for the International Conference of The Girls’ Brigade (ICGB).

They discuss, network, worship and learn together. They listen to stories about The Girls’ Brigade’s work around the world and the needs of their international sisters. They celebrate what’s been achieved and they look forward expectantly to what’s coming next.

Every single country in The Girls’ Brigade has a voice at the council. They contribute to the agenda and the decision-making process. At this time, they also vote for the next International President of The Girls’ Brigade.

The ICGB in 2018
Priscilla Penny
The International President
Head Office
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