About Girls Brigade Worldwide

Girls’ Brigade teams around the world share a common purpose:

Our vision is to see:

Girls’ lives transformed: God’s world enriched.

Our passion is to:

Empower girls, children and young women in local communities around the world to be themselves, to develop and use their gifts and skills, and to discover, embrace and live life to the full in their generation

Our mission is to be:

Relational, relevant and responsive worldwide movement that is good news for girls and women

About Girls' Brigade

Our Story (so far):

In 2013 Girls’ Brigade celebrated 120 years of mission among girls and young women.

We began in 1893 in Ireland at a time when women had little social, academic or service opportunities. Margaret Lyttle was a Christian woman with vision and passion to engage girls into the good news of God’s love, and to discover their potential as women of purpose .

The resulting story of GB’s development around the world is an inspiration.

From Ireland and the UK to Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, Americas and the Pacific, Girls’ Brigade now works alongside churches, governments, schools and many kindred partners to fulfil our lasting vision of life transformation and blessing.

With strong roots of fun, friendship and discovery, GB continues to positively impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of girls and their families in a broad mix of countries and cultures.