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Reflection for January 2016 on the theme Be Courageous

Girls' Brigade Aim:

The GB Aim: Becoming

Paint a picture in your mind. Set out on a very hot day to wander across the hillside. The sky is blue, the grass parched, you can see no shade AND there is no water around

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The GB Aim: Demonstrating

Sheep on a ledge

Asking God’s Spirit to open our understanding of the depth of Jesus’ love for the world … us, our community and our environment … will deepen our desire to respond.

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The GB Aim: Growing


A doubtful and unwilling ski student kept hearing these instructions being issued, and when faced with a downward view of snow and steep hill, she chose of course … to sit back. The result? A hard landing, and very wet clothes!

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The GB Aim: Worshipping


Jesus’ earthly life was marked by a deep relationship of love and respect with God the Father. Reading through the Gospels and beyond reveals how Jesus’ life, and the lives of his disciples, centred around the love and worship of God.

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Beauty for ashes

When we embrace the joy of being Expectant we too can see the DIAMONDS in every girl crossing our path and introduce them to Christ who is waiting to give them ‘beauty for ashes.’

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Chosen by God

God’s choosing of us is not based on anything we have done, because we were chosen by Him even before the world was made. And we were chosen not just to be saved, but to be completely clean before him, because of the blood of Jesus.

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Courage and comfort zones

We will all face challenges and tough decisions everyday of our lives. Alone, we are weak and uncertain, but if we wait and listen expectantly to God’s voice, He will always be faithful to guide us according to His will

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Don’t be discouraged

Despite all of the times God has shown up in our lives, we still become so easily discouraged. I feel a bit like the Israelites who, after being freed from slavery and the awful regime of the Pharaoh, stand in the desert and doubt that God will provide them with food.

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Expect greater things

I wonder if William Carey knew that his faith, his expectancy of God, his discipleship would lead to a world-wide movement where women and men today are involved in life-giving mission?

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Expect the unexpected

Anna didn’t care nor worry what the world saw, she spent her time in the temple worshiping her Lord and expecting to see great things. Anna was aware that one day the promised Messiah would come.

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Fear not!

Let me share with you the testimony of one of our GB Centre students. I shall call her Glorious (not her real name).

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Creative ideas:

Be Expectant

As we need to prepare when we are going away so we need to prepare for the return of Jesus. Ask the group, what they will need to do to be prepared for Jesus’ return – live the kind of life that puts others first and do things which please God.

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Expect to Reap

If you are working with young people encourage the group to examine what kind of seeds they have planted in the last week and what expectation they have as a result. What we sow is what comes back in our life.

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Microwave or Crock Pot

What does God EXPECT of us while awaiting His second coming? Stay the course. The gospel account of EXPECTANCY is not microwave fervor, but it is zealous commitment despite the circumstance.

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Pass the Parcel

Talk with your group that God is so good. Everything He gives and offers is greater than what we could imagine. The Lord is good to those whom have hope/expect from Him. (Lamentations 3:25)

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The Big Reveal

What does God EXPECT of us in worship? We should expect Him to be present even though he is unseen and we should focus on Him

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The desires of your heart

If this is God’s promise to us (and it is) what is it that we are EXPECTING Him to give us? If we don’t know what it is we expect we won’t know when He has done His thing! Encourage everyone to think what the desire of their heart is. What do they want from God?

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The Second Coming of Christ

This event is yet to happen and although the prospect of the scene may fill us with awe, it should not fill us with fear. It is the fulfilment of Jesus’ promise to His followers, that He will return to take us home

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Every time we come to worship we should have that same sense of EXPECTANCY and anticipation that God will be there and something good will happen.

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Watch and Wait

Sometimes when things take a long time to happen, we get tired and bored of waiting and watching for it. When we pray to God we need to wait and watch to see Him answer our prayers.

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Discussions for leaders:

An open door

At ICGB 2014 we were challenged to see that one third of the world had never heard the name of Jesus, and another third may have heard but have not engaged with Him.

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At ICGB we were challenged to ‘keep the main thing’ of Girls’ Brigade the ‘main thing’. We recognised that there are often other issues on our agendas and in our GB diaries that crowd in and become more important or distract our time, energy and prayers away from our main purpose.

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