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Girls' lives enriched, God's world transformed

Launch of brand new Climate Change resource for GB leaders

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As part of our 2023 theme, The Girls’ Brigade International have launched a free resource for local Girls’ Brigade leaders called Climate Change.

This new Climate Change resources kit, prepared by the Asia and Pacific fellowships, has been created to help our members to know more about climate change. It contains links to up-to-date and relevant information. One GB member from Papua New Guinea shares her how her country has been affected by climate change. 

To protect our living home for our next generations, let’s join hands and act now.

New research published in March 2023 in the journal Geophysical Research letters found that carbon emissions are halfway to a tipping point of the melting of the Greenland ice sheet, once people have cumulatively emitted approximately 1,000 gigatons of carbon in total, then the southern part of the Greenland ice sheet will melt, eventually causing the sea level to rise by almost six feet. And right now, now we are at approximately 500 gigatons of carbon emissions released.

There are more and more warnings from scientists and extreme weather recorded such as persistent high temperatures, strong and frequent typhoons and tornados. This all shows that we are in a critical time to protect our living earth, as it is under the great influence from climate change. 

We would love to see how you use this resource and how your group is helping to tackle climate change. Please share your stories by emailing us at so that we can share them with our GB family.

Who is the resource for?
We hope this resource can be used by all members of our Girls’ Brigade International family. Please feel free to adapt the content as needed to be suitable for the girls and young women you work with.

Download Climate Change here.

We have also created an editable PowerPoint for you to use which you can download here.

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